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Data Center Characteristics - BKCOM

Data Center Characteristics

Power supply

AC and DC dual feed (A + B) supplies. N+1 redundant UPS systems from the interruption of the supply.

The highest building security guaranteed 24/7 by specialized personnel, electronic management access, access control and CCTV.

Protection system

Fire prevention and protection system: automatic PF-23 and HFC-23 fire-prevention system.

System with a guaranteed temperature between 19-24°C in the data room ad a humidity range between 30-50%.

Cabling & floor

Patch Panel for E1 cross connections. Multicable UPT cabling , singlemode or multimode fibers.

The floor has a maximum height of 35 cm, floor load-bearing capacity up to 1500 kg/m². Download the floorplan

The data center is located within the Caldera Technology Campus which is the most important Internet Italian hub handling more than 80% of the Italian data traffic. It is also headquarter of MIX, the main Internet Exchange Point (IXP) of the internet Italian network.

It provides state-of-the-art technologies for a flexible and efficient business while keeping costs down. Strengths of the data center Milano Caldera are an advanced electrical system, increased power, security and business continuity, as well as optimal space management.

BKCOM’s data center solutions meet all your needs by providing secure and efficient business spaces for mission critical systems and architectures, access to modern infrastructures for both storage, backup, and much more.

Companies have a low perception of the events that can hold back their business despite the fact that there are many which can cause considerable damage to operational activities and therefore to their business. BKCOM addresses these issues with reliable disaster recovery and business continuity solutions to effectively protect data and systems and guarantee the maximum security and the full availability of data even in the case of IT problems or disasters.

Exact location: 20153 Via Caldera 21 – Campus Caldera | Download the floorplan